Great for class projects

Kafafa offers the ability to create up to 30 websites on the same account, each with its own address and password. As the owner, you can access each site and make changes as necessary. Organizing information on a website is a surprisingly intuitive way to display, organize, and share material, and—since the content is all stored online—zero hassle to pull up and present to a class of students.

As an added bonus, working with the curriculum while designing the website exercises the mind and encourages material retention for students.

Great for teachers

Teachers can also use Kafafa to share class information. A class website makes sure that your students have all the information and documents they need to complete assignments correctly and on time. Encourage class discussions with blog entries, embed documents on your pages, or share links to online resources and databases, all in one place. This keeps both you and your students organized, and especially keeps down email requests from students for missing or misplaced material.

Experience the structure web design can give to your classroom and teaching career.
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