Get a complete site as soon as you start
As soon as you sign up, your website is created for you—no layout planning or hosting woes necessary. All that's left to do on your part is to make that website your own.
Dead-simple design
Kafafa is the standard for simplicity in website design. Just click on the part of the page you want to change, and change it. View a screenshot
100% Web-based
Whether you're at home on your laptop or on a hotel computer a thousand miles away, your site is right at your fingertips. Windows, Mac, Linux—it doesn't matter; all you need to work is a web browser and an Internet connection.
Dozens of professional templates
You'll be met with tons of beautiful templates to use as a starting point for your site. Just pick the one you like best and start building. Switch between them without fear of losing your work. View a few of them
Ultimate Customization
Easily create different layouts for each of your pages by selecting which portions you'd like to be shown. Choose from a variety of artistic web fonts. Upload your logo for display at the top of each page, or change the colors to better match your style. Finish with your very own online work of art that represents your business in the best way imaginable.
Plenty of online storage
In addition to creating as many pages of content as you'd like, you can also upload up to five gigabytes of storage. That's quite a lot of space for a website—1,400 pictures, 200 hours of music, or 15 hours of video will fit easily without your site skipping a beat.
Freely edit your website code
Want to customize even further? Kafafa offers maximum freedom with the option to edit your CSS and HTML, meaning there isn't a single attribute on your page that you can't change. View a screenshot
Create an online store
Add products to your site that your users can order directly online using PayPal. You can enter shipping weight and costs for individual items, and even add a shopping cart to your page with a single click. View a screenshot
One-click blog entries
Kafafa makes it easy to manage a blog straight from your website. Instantly add new entries, assign labels to them, and allow your visitors to comment on them directly from your website. View a screenshot
Customizable contact forms
In need of customer feedback? Add a contact form to your site with as many different fields as you'd like. Kafafa makes it easy to create your own custom form and even offers pre-written fields to add in such as US states, months of the year, weekdays, and many more. View a screenshot
Seamlessly embed documents
Upload a song, video, animation, document, spreadsheet, or slideshow to your website and it will automatically open and display for your users directly on the page, no downloading required. View a screenshot
Multiple websites per account
Up to thirty websites can be created on one account—one showcasing each of your products, one for each of your students, or however you wish to divide your creative freedom.
Grant website access to others
Each website on your account can be assigned its own password. This is great for assigning students or colleagues a website to update. Your guest can edit any aspect of the site without access to the other sites or your account information.
Customized web address
Nothing shows professionalism like your own web address (e.g., Assign a web address to your site and make a name for yourself on the web. Web addresses are priced at $15.00 per year.
Customized email address
Each web address comes with its own email address. This means that your clients can send your email to a professional-looking address rather than a generic Gmail or Yahoo account.
Update your website in real-time
Changes you make to your site take effect right away. You can view your website as it appears to your viewers any time you'd like with a click of a button.
Premium Support
We're proud to offer highest-in-its-class phone and email support. You'll be speaking to domestic, friendly, highly-skilled operators who are standing by to help you each step of the way should you encounter problems. We'll do whatever it takes to get the issue fixed, even if it means making changes to the Kafafa code itself.

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