Basics The Site Editor Changing your website title, description and keywords Choosing a style for your website Adding content Editing the areas of a page Changing the background Adding a new page Navigating pages Managing pages Viewing your website Logging out

Account Management Can I change my Kafafa address? Changing your email address Changing your password Resetting a forgotten password Paying for your account Setting up a web address Setting up email Adding another website to your account Switching between websites on your account Deleting a website from your account Setting a website as default Single Website Mode Cancelling your account Refunds

Editing Content The Content Editor The Content Editor toolbar buttons Adding hyperlinks Editing HTML code Resetting default formatting Adding/editing images Adding music and video Adding documents, spreadsheets and slideshows Adding other files Blog entries Adding products Adding contact forms

Miscellaneous Replacing/hiding the default images Adding/removing sections of a page Creating an online store Editing your website's CSS Add your site to Google and Bing How to rank higher in search engines

Troubleshooting I can't log in! My files won't upload! I chose to hide a default picture/I deleted all the text in an area, and now I can't get it back! Why are parts of my images cut off? How do I reset text in the content manager back to the default formatting? The Site Editor says I must enable JavaScript; how do I do that? I registered for a domain name, but it doesn't lead to my site when entered.

Frequently Asked Questions Once I have set up a site with Kafafa, am I able to update it? How do I change the style and background? How do I access the Site Editor? I have a question about the Kafafa Web Address Manager. How do I cancel my account? Can I suggest a feature?