"Know that your Kafafa website is going to great use motivating kids to research a topic and add it to their new home page."
- Char Everett
Grade School Teacher
"I love it! I am not a "techy" person, so this is perfect for me...it was SO EASY to use!"
- Summer Nobis
Special Education Teacher

One of the most common uses for Kafafa has been a means to communicate between teacher and student. Kafafa's use as an education platform has been invaluable to teachers across the country for communicating their lessons and assignments to students as well as for assigning web design projects to their pupils as an intuitive and creative medium for conveying curriculum. Learn more

"Thanks for providing the such great service here."
"You guys are awesome for getting right back to me on things. Its why I am so happy that I chose you for my website provider."

Kafafa comes with first-class support. We employ domestic, well-trained and friendly experts to make sure that you don't encounter any hang-ups while you build your website, both on the phone and through email. We conquer any problem handed to us, even if it means going into the Kafafa code itself.

"I would have liked to make a guest page or a discussion page..."
"I would like to [...] embed a google doc..."
"I would like my students to be able to log in to the site without being able to make changes to the site..."

We encourage your feedback! All of the above have been added as features and we are constantly adding more! We at Kafafa take our users' suggestions very seriously. Just send us a Facebook message with your ideas and help continue to make Kafafa the perfect blend between simplicity and capability.

"I don't feel that there's anything wrong with this software. It's just great. Keep on improving!"
"I love it! PS— It's fun!"
"I loved your website it was really interesting and made my project easy!"
"You are awesome!!! Thank you so much for all of your help."
"It was so easy to set up!"
"There really isn't anything I dislike, thank you!!"

Kafafa is truly one of a kind, and your feedback is what fuels us in striving to make the service the best the Web can offer. Let us know how we're doing; we appreciate every word!
All the best,
The Kafafa Team
Some of the quotes above have been edited for spelling and grammar.